Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I've been in stitches...

I seem to have caught the embroidery bug...

I think I picked it up from this unfinished project I found at a boot fair.

All the silks are numbered but there's no plan
 so I shall be brave and improvise.

I'm hoping it will make a lovely cushion or bag
(I like making cushions and bags).

I have been practicing with little woolly badges.

How hard can it be?

It just takes time, love...

and restless fingers, of which I have eight.

I also bought some sunshine fabric at this boot fair
  (where I was supposed to be selling my clutter)

and I solved the bag/cushion dilemma.

My de-cluttering mission is going well...

I found a use for all those receptacles
that didn't pass the pin cushion audition.

The hairless troll was saved from land fill...

and I have a back up plan...

I find it so hard to throw stuff out...
do you?

Crafty ways make hoarding days.

EE xx


  1. I adore your woolly brooches there E,E, In fact I love everything about this post - that sunshine bag & pillow turned out beautifully. Think Mr Troll is just a perfect little holder & your Aloe plants look very healthy. Happy embroidering to you x x

  2. Hello,

    What great re-use of items, all these things aren't going to landfill. Love the fabric you bought and made up into the bag and pillow. Have fun with the embroidery.

    Happy days.

  3. The woolly badges look lovely.....!

    But! Arrrrrrrgh! Your chopping the tops of the
    trolls heads off....just to keep pencils in........
    What happens to the top bit with the hair.....
    Shame! Shame! HeHe! :>).

    1. Don't worry, Willie...no trolls were harmed, he was already scalped when I found him! xx

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Love that piece of embroidery you bought at a boot fair, and what a great idea for the troll.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Love your makes with embroidery thread
    And the storage space inside troll's head
    The cushion and bag are lovely and bright
    And reading this post is a delight.

    I hope you are well now? x

  6. Goodness I totally would have bought that fabric too! ticks all my boxes: vintage blousy blooms, grey, yellow! Gorgeous.