Monday, 23 November 2015

Crafty Crimbo

The silly crafting has begun...

I made these before the Sainsbury's advert!
in chilly Bognor Regis.

I'm not sure where it's heading ...

but I'm going with the flow...

It's always good to get ahead...

Don't you think?

 I wish could make one of wouldn't that be grand.

Crafty ways make Christmas

EE xx


  1. Yes! Always good to get ahead.....Got some Easter
    eggs this morning....! :).

    Love Mog the cat, with his dicky~bow...Best Ad. on
    telly at the mo..!
    And, the three ginger looking people up top...Look
    good enough to eat! Lovely! :>).

  2. Love all your christmassy makes E.E. I think the robin is my favourite. Is that a magic wand in that picture - sure could do with one of those about now !!!!!! A rather large one too please

  3. Love the painted deer,always see them in charity shops looking a bit boring but those are fab!Please could I copy one?Just for my decoration of course,you watch there won't be any to be found in local CS now I've said that!!

    1. Yes, of course...good luck with the deer hunt...I expect they've all gone to Santa's training camp now! xx

  4. I LOVE your crafty Christmas things. The pincushion with legs cracks me up - wonderful!!! I hope you do really well selling them all! x