Saturday, 7 November 2015

It's started...

Lately, I have been very busy in my 'She Den' (aka the spare bedroom).

 I like to pretended this one is me...

but this one is more accurate... 

My productivity was rewarded at our monthly market today 
and now I'm overtired with only a few fuzzy photos to show you

but it was worth it... pincushions are finally selling, hurray!

I may have peaked too soon with my twinkly lights
and Christmas baubles but there are only 6 more Saturdays.

Just saying.

Crafty ways make rewarding days.

EE xx


  1. Hello E.E. I was thinking of you yesterday as I too was doing a market stall - an outdoor one & the sun shone ... for a change !!! I sold a teacup pincushion & a coffee mug pincushion too :-) Must be going to be a sewing themed christmas. No I dont think its too soon for your christmas lights, I have mine on in the Cottage & love them. Enjoy your time in your She Den.

  2. Actually E,E, could you please email me as I have an idea for you of something to make thats quick & easy & a good seller. My email address is as I don't know how to contact you as you always come through as a no-reply blogger. No panic, just when you can ... thank You :-)

  3. Your stall looked amazing! I am so glad that you did well. Twinkly lights are good all year round!!!