Thursday, 17 January 2013

I've been everywhere,man...

My chest has gone all spotty!

The inside also needed fixing.
MISS G M LAKE liked red permanent marker.
I wonder where she went with her big blue trunk?

On the second day of thrifting
 my true love sent to me...(you were warned!)
20 cotton doilies
3 balls of wool
2 fancy cushions
and a candlestick as pretty as can be.

On the third day...

(yes, I 'm determined...)
4 packs of thread
3 Polish dolls
2 fabric squares
1 cake stand
1 tipper truck
and a mickey tin without a key.

To be continued...

Thanks for popping by blog-buddies, blog-guests or just plain blogging nosey.
You are all welcome in my tin can far above the world.
Planet earth is white, and it's giving me a fright...come back soon.

Crafty ways make productive days.

EE xx

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