Monday, 7 January 2013

On the First Day of Thrifting...

my true love gave to me...

2 Flying Ducks
1 Steamer Trunk
and a Rustic Wreath from a Willow Tree.

I am going to try 'The Twelve Days of Thrifting' challenge
so that I have a record of our stock
before it gets transformed or 'Cath-ed up' as we call it.
If Cash Kwidsin can do it then so can we!
The paint's ready, the PVA's steady and the chocolate's all gone so it's time...

ORDER : One table full of 'Something More Exciting'
BUDGET : Blood, sweat and tea
DEADLINE : 16th Feb 2013

Do pop back to see if it's soggy bottoms or a good rise.

Crafty Ways Make Thrifty Days.

EE xx

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