Thursday, 31 January 2013

If You Wish Upon a Star...

I now present a poem...for best results serve with Pam Ayres. It's called...

Oh I wish...

Oh I wish I had a shop,
A little one would do,
With a kettle in the corner,
just to make a brew.

Oh I wish I had a shop,
To sell fun and laughter.
I wouldn't make much money,
But I'd be happy ever after.

Can you hear me scream?
To fill it up with happiness,
That would be my dream.

Hey, I've found a shop!
Well, I think it's more a shelf,
It's only three foot long,
but I have it to myself.

So will you come to visit?
In Chichester I'll be.
It's called The Carousel,
Oh I wish you'd come and see.

Crafty ways make poetic days.

EE xx


  1. Hi Ethel,found your poem on the Custards,love it and your little shop one too.Can I be a customer? I'll take a bag of chuckles and half a pound of glee, I haven't any money so I'll pay with blogland currensee!! cheerio for now Pam.

  2. So nice of you to bother,
    Alas, I'm out of glee,
    But Chuckles is on offer,
    It's buy one, get one free.

    Your currensee is fine,
    If it's in a gingham book,
    You can buy it on line,
    I think it's check, let's look.

    I fear that you have caught,
    That Rhyming Tourettes,
    Don't have another thought,
    Go straight to the vets!

  3. Hehe....Keep wishing, Miss Ethel.....Because I do believe they come TRUE...If you really, really want them too! Leaving YOU with a smile :) Maria x

  4. Hello Ethel:
    We have found your blog via the ever amusing 'The Custards' and have been hugely entertained with your poem. Alas, Budapest to Chichester is a little far but we do occasionally stay with friends on the Hampshire Sussex border. So, you never know!

    We have signed as Followers.

    1. Gosh, all the way from Budapest,I'm impressed, you're the best, I need a rest! EE xx

  5. Well well Ethel love your verse.
    But deary me have I caught your curse?
    So where in Chichester can I see.
    If this little shelf has anything for me?
    Smiles Cass x

    1. The Hornet is the place to be,
      In a month or so you'll see,
      A nifty shop at number eight,
      Thank you for your interest, mate!

  6. Oh clever Eco Ethel
    Please put on the kettle (ouch that rhyme hurts!!!)
    Thank you kindly for your prose
    I am flattered from head to toes (hurts again!!!).
    Eager to see you more rhyming....
    Ho ho
    Thank you kindly dearie and hope to see you soon
    Best wishes