Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Where do we go from here?

Something More Exciting?
That's a tall order at the moment.
I can do Easy-Peasy, Simple-Pimple or Mindless-Mundane but Exciting?...
 That's impossible.....Whoop, whoop, whoop...emergency, activate panic button.
Drop down negative knickers, pull up positive pants, immediately.
Phew, that was close.

I am 'normally' a dedicated follower of fad-shon. Last year I was mainly...
scattering moustaches, stuffing tea cups, framing expletives, stitching playing cards,
murdering board games and chopping cashmere jumpers all in the name of craft.
I even 'Swung My Pants' and 'Kitsch-ed My Art'  for the Chic Sisters (that's Granny, Shabby and Crappy) but where do I go from here?
Please check out my recent efforts (Fings from my Fingers) and comment.
I'm not sure which sister they will suit, probably the latter, she's easily pleased.

Wonderful Beasty Badges or Criminal Cardi Waste?

Granny Chic or Shabby Crap?

Pinlove or Pinsane?
Cyberspace is a very cold and lonely place when you're only 2 months old and prone to over-cybercitement. I need some playmates for my giveaway, can you help?

I am now going to make a panic button, a mute switch and a volume control badge.
Thanks for the inspiration, it could be the next big thing!

Crafty ways make inspired days.



  1. Hi Ethel
    Good to hear from you and so glad you want to join in the swap. I managed to find you by writing a wild card address into google as the link from you on my comments goes to a blank page.

    I really like your brooches, especially the cat and fox. Also you reminded me of a promise I made to Rosey's art teacher. They're doing a project on Mexican art and I said I'd seen some day of the dead embroidered felt skulls on etsy. Perhaps you could make some she said. Big bloody mouth of mine said ok then.

    Hope you don't mind me offering some tips that helped me as you do ask in an earlier post. When I started all of this I spread my name everywhere. I commented all over, especially making sure I was near the top of the list with a noticeable favicon (my bun image). I avoided saying please come and read as that tends to put most people off. I also went to really popular blogs and followed the links to their followers to say hello. There's loads more you can do, but I don't want to sound like a preachy so and so.

    Have fun blogging.

    Lisa X

    1. Thank you so much, I've made notes so will try to do better.
      Not sure about blankness,need to investigate. Felt skulls are simple-pimple and they make good use of all those ugly odd buttons.Will give you my email address for

  2. Yep hello again... when is the next Bazaar?? The hedgehog and badger are my favourites Ethel... Where is your button for following? Cass x

    1. Where is my button for following? I shall have a jolly good look for it! I am struggling with this magic machine. Next Bazaar Sat 16th Feb.Thanks for the Pinlove. EExx