Saturday, 9 February 2013

What shall we do with the DrunkenTailor?

To celebrate the 'Vintage and Very Nice' year of trading
I would like to share a virtual birthday cake with you all.
There's plenty for everyone so long as you
read the instructions VERY CAREFULLY...

All the usual stuff plus1 or 2 bottles of whiskey
Before you start, sample the whiskey to check for quality.
Good isn't it? Now go ahead.

Select a large bowl, measuring cup etc.
Check the whiskey again as it must be just right.
To be sure the whiskey is of the highest quality,
pour one level cup into a glass and drink it as fast as you can.
Savour the feeling.
Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl.
Add one teashpoon of sugar and beat again.
Meantime make sure the whiskey is as good as it was at first.
Cry another tup. Open becond sottle if neshessary.
Add 2 large leggs, 2 cups of fried druit and beat till high.
Shample the whishkey again to check it for consh...conshish...conshishtenshy.
Next sift 3 cups of salt or anything, it really doesn't matter.
Check the whiskewy. Fold in strained nuts. Wix mell.
Grease the oven and turn the cake pan to 350 gredees.
Pour the lot into the empty biskey wottle, stir it into the boven and ake.
Winish the friskey and bo to ged.

Crafty ways make dizzy birthdays!

EE xx


  1. Great recipe my dear,am feeling a bit under the weather tonight so cannot think of a whisky reply!have a good weekend kind regards Pam.

  2. Oh that is so funny, it's a long time since I read something similar, but this one is a beauty.......

    Claire :}

  3. Yay - for a moment there I did wonder what I was reading!

    Hope to see you soon
    Best wishes

  4. So sweet and v funny....!
    Bestest daisy x