Sunday, 17 February 2013

February made me shiver... I funted! ... no... I said FUNTED!
It won't keep you warm but you may feel a little glow of glee.

Let me show you how to make funting. A funtorial?

You will need :
One willing sewing machine (no tension seekers)
Some bias binding (or open-minded tape)
One fearless toy cupboard (get permission first)

If the sewing machine says yes then you can join the club or any suit really, even the jokers can play.
Now, nothing is safe...snap, lexicon, kan-u-go, countdown, monopoly money... I have even laminated some paper doilies to give them strength to carry on. I'm obsessed...sheet music, maps, comics, picture books...enough? I know it's just frippery but they look so cheery hanging around, don't you think?

If you fancy a game of Happy Families then forget it, mine are all stitched up and joined on, even Cluedo got the needle! Just pin across a mirror for a double whammy (so long as your back sides are pretty, as always).
And how about a no-sew quickie for that special person?

I can't get enough, I need more funtinspiration, am I going funtinsane? Any ideas ?

Moving swiftly on to 'The 12 Days of Thrifting' (see older posts). On the 4th day...
29 soldiers smiling, 4 builders trucks, 3 wooden trains, 2 baby trolleys, 1 dolls house and an articulated snake to scare me.

On the 5th day...10 Noah's pets, 3 spotty scarves, 2 easter eggs, 
1 cottage jug, 1 working crane and a guardsman without a buzz-bee.

It is very handy having 15 charity shops in my little town. 
Do you think that's excessive?
I could compile a nifty top fifty guide to the thriftiest towns in Britain 
or I could just make more funting and hang loose.
What do you think?

Crafty ways make funting days.

EE xx


  1. Funtilicious my dear Ethel,you're the Lewis Carroll of Blogland.'tata for now Pam.

  2. Dear Miss E Ethel
    I am indeed honoured and most pleased that I have my own, personalised funting of my very own. That made me roar with laughter....but the brooch.....that raised a little tear that you could have been so thoughtful and kind to spend time making the sweetest brooch. I cannot thank you enough for your kindess...sniff, sniff.

    Thank you most kindly
    Best wishes

  3. What fun you are ... just popped over from Miss Daisy Jones ... so glad I did ... I will so enjoy your blog ... Bee x

  4. Hello Ethel:
    Sadly, we have no funting in our lives. Primarily, this is due to the lack of a sewing machine, but, we cannot deny it, we really would rather practise our lazy tarting rather than have anything to do with needle and thread.

    However, your funting does look very jolly indeed. Is it hung throughout the house? Do you change it with the mood/the season/the weather?Does your family share your love of funting? we do hope so.

    Whatever, we wish you a joyous week of funting and thrifting!!

    1. Seasonal funting, festive funting, what a good idea.
      I am going to start a funting fan club! EE xx

  5. I love the Dandy comic bunting. It's so cool. I showed my son who is a big comic fan, thinking that he'd like something like it. But he said "no way, i couldn't do that to a gorgeous comic"!! he's verry attached to his comics.

  6. Ooh I love this so much! The cards look amazing, thank you for sending me your way xx