Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Motion in Time?

All this talk of budget plans set me thinking,
it's time I balanced my books...

I wondered whether I could make an affordable trinket
 in less than 30 minutes to achieve a minimum wage.

I needed a time and motion study
so I timed myself in motion.

It wasn't pretty.
I had tangles, knots and bad words everywhere.

These passed the test...

Blooming felt

and these failed...

felt too long
It seems I must stitch faster,
cut quicker
and stuff smarter
if I want to stay in the race.

But I'm not going to race because crafting keeps me sane
and that's priceless.

I wonder if Mr Osborne likes Jammy Dodgers?

 I promised Hettie some thrifty tips.

I can't save the planet 
but this won't cost the earth...

1. Take a flask for a crafty cuppa on the go
to avoid the cafe culture rip offs.

2. Share a tea bag, two full mugs from one bag is very acceptable
especially if you are an unbalanced pair (one strong, one weak!)

3. Divide and conquer a family size pack of biscuits.
Foil wrap a couple or more for a packed lunch or picnic,
 far cheaper than a Penguin.

Shall I put the kettle on?

Help yourself to a biscuit...

Does anyone else remember the Chocolate Garibaldi
or was that just a fantasy?


Crafty ways make crafty cuppas.

EE xx


  1. Ah! Now! Ah! Now!
    Garibaldi biscuits...!
    Yes! Do you know, you cannot buy Garibaldi biscuits in Italy...True...!
    They were in fact made by Peek Freans, in Scotland,
    to celebrate Giuseppe Garibaldi's visit to this country in 1860...(I think).
    Garibaldi, was born in France, but is an Italian.
    But...You can't buy the biscuit in Italy....
    Oh! It's one of the best biccy's for dunking...!
    What a mind of useless information l carry! :>).

    1. Must cancel that Italian holiday! But did they make chocolate ones? EE xx

    2. I love Gari Baldies...always thought they were made by a bald bloke called Barry :-) thanks for putting me straight willie xx

    3. In the comedy..'Open All Hours'....
      Granville says to Arkwright.."Why do we sell Jamaica Ginger Cakes when they don't come from Jamaica".
      And Arkwright says.."So what we sell MARS bars". HeHe! :).
      Your starting me off, Mrs Brown...! :>).

  2. Yes! They Did....!
    Peek Freans were taking over by Kellogg's,
    at some time....! But, yep, like most things,
    they put chocolate round them....! :).

    Italian holiday...You don't want to go there...
    It's full of Italians....
    Sicily...Sicilia...Go to Sicily....!
    Go and get lost up in the mountains, in the olive
    groves, pick fresh lemons as you walk in the evening
    Greatest place on the planet....Why! Cos, l said sooo!

  3. THey are grand Tips ...yes tips!! Ethel, and thank you for your support i think we can try to save the world, I'm pretty sure it is impossible at this stage however...
    will be posting soon I hope, possibly tonight? see how grumpy everyone is ;-) xx

  4. P.s i forgeot to say your makes are lovely and no matte how fast yoiu stitch you never make your money back!! its just Lurve thing xx

  5. Your biscuits are the best! Calorie free too.....but you do end up with indigestion! :) x

    1. Trying to think of a 'felt windy' joke but it's too silly. EE xx

  6. Lovely makes ... I do love and ice-cream sundae ... love your thrifty tips but it is definitely two teabags here ... builders tea is how we have it ... chocolate garibaldis ... yes please ... Bee xx

  7. costing out 'time' terrifies me! I think i am on about 1p a n hour!!! well O at the mo as just not making! You inspire me! Found you via the links on hettie brown's page and now following along! big hello from me xxxxx

    1. Big hello back... At least the blogging ripples of inspiration are free and so is the therapy :> EE xx

  8. Chocolate garibaldis?? No? Really? They sound yum. I like proper garibaldis too. Love your felted flowers, they're stunning. I'm off to have a good rummage of your previous posts. xx

    1. Thanks...I enjoyed my rummage at yours. EE xx

  9. Love your thrifty tips, going to make a pot of tea and look at your other posts ... The flowers are beautiful, worth more than minimum wage xxx

    1. Thank you... unfortunately it's the selling that takes the most time. Enjoy that tea! EE xx

  10. LOVE the felt Jammy Dodger!

    Hope I don't put you off if I tell you my son nicknamed his Dad's Garibaldi's 'mouse pooh biscuits' ... kids can always be relied on to tell it like they see it can't they.

    1. We call them squashed fly biscuits... not sure which is worse!

  11. I had to pop over when I saw you at Hettie's .. twas my Great Aunty Ethel that started all this sewing malarkey she taught my Mom who then taught me ... Love the calorie free Jammy Dodgers ~ Sarah x

    1. Thanks for popping by and sharing some Ethel love. EE xx

  12. What a lovely tin - how I wished that I had one just like that.....
    Lovely makes too whilst we are at it!
    Best wishes

    1. You need a fairy if you want wishes to come true,
      I have a spare you can borrow.xx