Saturday, 1 June 2013

Poetic Pants

I'm training hard for a poetry competition (you may have noticed).
Can I practice on you, please?

Poetic Pants

I like my underwear
To guide the day ahead.
A gentle helping hand
Until it's time for bed.

When the day is longest
And it's hot and sunny,
I'll be in the garden,
Wearing something funny.

But when it's cold and wet
And toes begin to freeze,
A thermal matching set
Will hug my chilly knees.

Poetic pants are handy
To ease a stressful time.
If verse doesn't suit you
Just sing a little rhyme.

The power of the gusset
Can sometimes cast a spell.
It's a scary place in
Negative knicker hell.

Let's organize our drawers
From cotton to elastic
And make our undies proud,

Can you work out what Crinoline Lady is saying in the mirror?

Crafty ways make fantastic days

EE xx


  1. ~ Morning! Now wearing me 'Rosey Tinted' code deciphering reading glasses...could it be " Help I need a Wee"....hehe! LOVE the vintage hanger and your poetic side! Happy 1st June, EE...Lets hope the sun shines for you !~ Bestest with the poetry, YOU are a born natural poet, me thinks! Maria x

    1. Ooops, forgot I'd already told you...sending sunny returns. xx

  2. Love it, its brilliant! Yes I think I see that too! Gorgeous hanger. x

  3. Crinoline lady....Saying....?
    "Reflections Of My Life". (Marmalade..1969).

    Love the poem...Yes! Brilliant!
    A little warmth in the under carriage...! :>).
    (Winter draws on).

  4. Love the poem. It's very funny indeed.
    Ps the new header is fantastic.

    1. I need 3 poems before the end of June...phew, it's hard work! xx

  5. Help I need a wee!What is that embroidered onto?As in tn Gilbert O Sullivan song,nothing rhymed,so I didn't!!Beast Regards my dear Ethel,Pam.

  6. P.S I really must do a spell check!!!!AMP!(TEE HEE!)