Monday, 10 June 2013

Doilies are not just for plates.

Thank you Granny Chic for accelerating the current doily vogue.
I have always gathered and rescued doilies, pretty miniatures from the land of linen.
It's a good word... doily.

It seems they have finally come of age,
being digitally printed on fabric to look like...
...err...a virtual doily?

Here's an early shot of my efforts in 'doilism',
pillowcase pinnies with doily pockets and a little doily bunting.

I still wear the rosy one...

So I wanted to pay tribute to the humble doily
and show you my ...'Dotty Potty Stand', a fabric wrapped,
sheet shelved, display stand with doily enhancements.

I'm thinking of having it printed in 3D!

Crafty ways make doily days.

EE xx


  1. oooh lovely doily stand... and you have those thumbs that go back a long way.. :-0 mine are quite straight xx

  2. Oh I have freaky thumbs, serves me right for showing them off! EE xx

  3. Still have my Mums doily's, that she made
    as a child...Lots of them...Still use them
    occasionally, though they are quite delicate..
    And, what a surprise, last Sat, in a charity shop
    in Wimborne, a box of 'Lace Bobbins'. £1 each.

    ooooO! AND...Must say...I do love the 'dicky-bows'.
    (No, l know there not). But, they should be..HeHe!
    I wear dicky-bows all the time, l have 27 of them,
    and 21 waist-coats! Love Them!!! Love Them!!!

  4. Glad you like them, good idea, I shall make some boy bows.
    EE xx

  5. You have su h a big selection of doilies. I'm quite jealous. They are so hard to come by here. :(

  6. What, no linen in Ireland??? Where's it all gone? EE xx

  7. ~ BIG doily LOVES from me to YOU! I have a cake stand with them on too....I keep pans for cooking on it.....Makes the kitchen a cherry place...:) ~ Happy days! Maria x

    1. OoPs should have gone to Spec Savers! I need OH reading glasses right now! Should have said...CHEERY! But cherry is kinda nice too!

  8. Yes, I like the sound of your cherry kitchen, with a stone floor, of course! EE xx

  9. I am rather partial to a doily....lovely stand
    ....and interesting thumbs!
    Best wishes