Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Brainy Words

I'm such a Restless Rita at the moment (grrrrrr).

Kermit has nice thumbs.

I wonder if the summer solstice is messing with my brain.
I feel quite tipsy on daylight.
 Too much vitamin D?
Too much serotonin ?

Another monthly market looms.
They come round so quick, even when the days are longer.
So I plumped up the volume and made a few cushions.

This lady was a tea towel, I hope she doesn't mind being a cushion instead.

and then I went a bit Pinsane.

Sew into chocolate?

Do you mind if I leave this here to soothe my restless mind?

 nearest image to my brain, unkempt but bright.


These words were in my brain,
They like to dance out loud.
Some are a bit insane
But most are rather proud.

These words came out my brain,
They exit to the beat.
Some stay and some refrain,
They make me feel complete.

These words filled up my brain,
They kept it bright with stuff.
Sometimes they were a pain
And now there's not enough.

I think my brain is clear
But now I am a bore.
To me those words were dear,
I need to make some more.

Thank you for reading.
I have just sent off my poetry competition entries
 so now I have to wait to find out if I am really a poet...
Yes, Rita, we have to wait (grrrrrr).

Crafty ways make restless days.

EE xx


  1. I do love the Muppets..Still have the films on video, and the LP's. In fact just watched the
    Christmas one last week...! :).

    Good luck with the poetry competition...I do like them with a slightly funny lilt...
    I'm absolutely useless at poetry...
    "Mary had a little lamb...So her Father shot the shepherd". (See). HeHe!

  2. Yes, I always try to end with a chuckle and you make me laugh out loud! :> EE xx

  3. He does me too...and so do YOU! EE....YOU are most certainly a poet, my friend! I am Sending you and wishing you lots of GOOD LUCK! ***** Happy summer solstice! Maria x