Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Deerest... it just me...

or can you feel a giraffe?

No, it was just your imagination.

We are all getting rather excited about our
3 day marathon market tomorrow
and some of us are over excited.

but I'm really looking forward to Sunday
with tidings of comfort and joy...

with tidings of comfort and joy.

Crafty ways make hopeful days.

EE xx


  1. He he, loving those red onesies on your deer folk! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. No eye deer! groan,....... a very old joke, sorry. Hope all goes well with your marathon market xx

  3. HeHe! I know one thing....If you leave the door open...
    There's on hell of a giraffe......

    Supercal......Mary Poppins...Sound of Music..
    Just your (MY) imagination...Temptations...1971.

    Have a great weekend....Tell everyone the bows are
    highly recommend by Willie Wine.....
    Hope things are'nt to expensive...Or should l say to
    'DEER'.....! :>).
    And, hope it's nice and dry to....Otherwise it'll be
    'Rain~Deer'. HeHe! ~(^.^)~

  4. Oh Dear oh deary me!
    Love your wonky Christmas trees.
    Hope you survive the marathon intact.

  5. Loving the Santa Suits, Wonky Trees and stripy legs... hope to see you tmrw. Cx

  6. I really adore those trees in your last photo. They are so very cute. I wish you all the best at the market. I very sure there is going to be a mad rush for all your beautiful crafts!
    Rosie xx

  7. Good luck, love the painted Giraffe

  8. Love those curved trees but particularly LOVE those deer. Best of luck for your 3-day marathon market - will be thinking of you. Oh & just noticed your snowflakes - VERY gorgeous :-) Hope lots of customers take your goodies home with them x0x

  9. I just love the way your pictures tell a story, lovely post x

  10. How lovely - very creative as always
    I confess to seeing your rear end yesterday - from afar. A friend came round unexpectedly and asked if I wanted to pop to Chichester (I was pushed for time to be honest) - then I was so mean I only put one hours parking on the car. Saw that the market was on and had 3 minutes to whizz round. I saw you from afar - I hope that the day went well

    Best wishes