Thursday, 19 December 2013

Excess Wrapping?

Wreath supplied by The Custards...thanks Jenny.

Christmas is coming,
Goose is tired of tat.
Poor old Santa, 
Needs a new hat.

Christmas is coming,
Mistletoe and wine.
Flipping fairy,
Stay on that  pine.

Christmas is coming,
Carol sings a tune.
Pile up the nuts,
New slippers soon.

Christmas commences,
Turkey please melt.
Too much stuffing,
Loosen that belt.

Christmas is swinging,
Steady on the booze.
Party crackers,
Time for a snooze.

Christmas is over,
We got lots of gear.
Excess wrapping?
Use it next year.

Christmas is coughing,
Goose is in bed.
Slipped on land fill,
I think he's d........ noooooooo!

Try again...

Christmas is coughing,
Goose is in bed.
Time for a break,
Let's cruise the Med!

That's better.

Crafty ways make festive fun.

EE xx


  1. Ah! l know that song......
    Recorded by Eco Ethel....2013.
    Reached number one in the Wrapping Charts in December...! :).

    Santa flies across the sky,
    doing his moonlight flit.
    His reindeer pull the heavy sleigh,
    so look out for falling s~~t.....!
    Mary Kissmas.....

  2. You are geeenius Mrs ee!
    bestest festive wishes to you and yours.....Daisy x

  3. Poor little goosie, I'm glad he went to the Med instead of being d..d.......enjoy the festivities Ethel dear. x

  4. You always make me laugh with your posts E,E. I dont know how you think them up but hope you keep them coming into the New Year :-) Happy festive season my blogging friend x0x

  5. Love your verses. Always make me smile. Have a Merry time. Jacqui xx

  6. I enjoy reading your verses Ethel and this one is such fun, happy Christmas to you and yours xx