Sunday, 15 December 2013

Away in a manger...

... no crib for a bed,
The little Lord Jesus tried Chichester instead...

The stars in the bright sky looked down where he lay
and we all had a great Christmas Market, hurrah!

Crafty ways makes fun and laughter.

PS: To the lady that bought the stacking Noddy,
please come back for his tummy.

EE xx


  1. That looks really great......
    A market with livestock....Were the donkeys very
    expensive...! Not to bothered...As we've got turkey
    for Christmas.....
    Sorry! Being a bit of an ass! :>).

  2. Loving that real life christmas nativity tableau!

  3. Hello Ethel, looks like you had a grand time at the market and I do hope that 'Noddy' get's his tummy back as he'll be needing it for all those Christmas goodies coming up :-)

  4. Glad it went well. I want that donkey. Do you think it's too late to ask Santa !! xx

  5. Brilliant ... and glad the Christmas Market went well ... but I'm slightly concerned to think that there's a tummy-less Noddy at large ... where will be put his Christmas dinner ?!

  6. Eco Ethel, you are a joy to behold!
    LOVE the nativity, when I was young, many moons ago, a trip to see The nativity in town was top of our Christmas agenda! I used to just stare and gaze....
    I always wanted to bring baby Jesus home to keep him warm...and the donkeys...
    Hope the lady comes back for the lost body part of Noddy, all will be well then!
    Hugs and twinkles....****
    Maria x