Saturday, 25 January 2014


came softly through my window today.

I know there may be winter ahead but
I caught these rays today and it
seemed a shame to waste them.

Shall we pretend it's nearly spring?

The bunnies are keeping their balaclavas on

but the ducks are ready to roll.

I love playing with fuzzy felt

and I was getting bored of knitting socks...

but I did use up all my woolly scraps

and finished a jumper.

Only one more week of injury time and then 
I expect I'll be glued to this for another two months...

but we can always pretend.

Crafty ways make pretend.

EE xx


  1. Loving all your makes and especially the gorgeous ducks!

  2. And the sun has had a little peep through to-day!
    It's just made way for the wind and rain....About
    an hour ago the wind was really bad, even lifted
    the trap door into the loft!
    God! l hate this weather...! :(.

    Glad to hear your hip is healing, and, that, you'll
    be spending the next couple of months in front that
    lovely fire....Think, a few of us might like to join you! :).
    Stay warm.....

  3. Hello eco E, I would love a jumper like that however I am worried about the size I fear it may be a little large for my very svelte self!!
    bestest and glad to hear you are almost well....Daisy J x

  4. Glad to hear all is going well... do hope the bones have knitted as well as your sweet tiny jumper... I've been house/bed bound again with my blinking spine but have able to do a bit of hand sewing... wish I had a nice fire like yours.... central heating isn't quite the same is it... Hugs Cx

  5. oh boy i love that pin cushion mug xxx

  6. Hello E.E. I love all your makes today but my absolute fav would have to be the miniature jumper - I could just imagine a brooch clip on the back & wearing it :-) Glad to see you have been busy crafting up a storm - I too love working with fuzzy felt. Hope the bone is mending back okay x0x

  7. You sound much more chirpy today. Glad you are on the mend. There are worst things than sitting in front of the fire, crafting! xx

  8. Just popped over from GreenOrchid's blog - loving all your crafty makes and the fire looks fabulous

  9. Fabulous bunnies, oh and that fire! :) x

  10. Loving the pin cushion. Glad you are on the mend.

  11. Crikey - so sorry to hear of your hip....keep eating the calcium chews!
    I wish you are very speedy recovery though it seems that you have been using your enforced rest very well indeed!
    Take good care (thank goodness there is not much ice about this year!)
    Best wishes