Sunday, 22 September 2013

Which little piggy?

Just one more Sunday Safari left for this season.

I had to find a quick fix to pay the rent on my crafty selling space
at The Carousel as my sewing was too slow.
'Toys Were Us' saved the day.
The trouble is there's not much time for crafting now.

Do I go with the flow or take control?
I'll let you know after Christmas.
(oops... sorry, it just slipped out)

I prefer buying to selling (not good).

This weeks rescued treasure came in the shape of puzzles...

Not sure if I can part with these...see what I mean?

and a bambi with no could I leave him behind ?

and these books...

From Auntie Phyllis, Xmas 1952...
look at the illustrations...

I can't sell these...what am I going to do?

I don't want a fat pig...I want a flowery hollow.

I don't want to race...

I want to drink tea... and go
wee, wee, wee all the way home.

Crafty ways make thirsty days.

EE xx

Doily Footstool!


  1. oh nooo......i am a terrible influence i'm afraid as i have exactly the same problem.....what to do? how can you part with them? maybe live with them for a little......and when needs must you might find the strength? (on the other hand you might not but you would have the most darling collection to love and admire!)x

  2. Thanks for the link Ethel. I have the same dilema ... cannot bear to part with lots of my stash of vintage goodies. Especially in this country where it is SO very hard to come across now. Your rescued treasures are amazing :-)

  3. It's a difficult dilemma. Loved the illustrations in the book ..... I wouldn't be able to part with it either. Jacqui x

  4. The illustrations are really nice,
    especially the one by the pond!
    And, Off to market...HeHe! Takes
    me back!

    Now! Think you may have caught me out!
    The only link l can find...Is Carousel!
    I remember an LP from the 50's. Called
    Carousel....It was of various artists,
    don't ask me who....Don't know!

    1. Gone Fishin' - Louis & Bing?
      or perhaps Noddy...Slade?
      There's always a song in my heart! xx

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  6. gotta go see the doiley footstool. . .

  7. gawd don't sell them...give them to me!! call it therapy....thank me later xx

  8. Busy busy- good to see. I have been trying to be ruthless and took a bin bag (oh my) full of annuals to the CS recently......I used to buy them for the children to read and though Bronte still likes the Bunty annuals the rest we have decided to part with sadly....
    Best wishes

  9. Ahaha, I love all your bits, I could never sell them! Peter rabbit is making a bit of a come back as there is a new (not as good but not dire) children's programme of it. Thank you also so much for your lovely comments on my blog. Trying to get my head around google + to follow you xxxxx