Friday, 10 January 2014

Bone Idle?

No, not me ... just my naughty femur.

I'm half way through my hip healing process
so can I show you some incapacity benefits?

I found a simple 2 needle knitting pattern remedy for happy feet 
 and a regular dose of patient patchwork eases the restless wriggle.

If your feeling prickly, try a quick burst on a pom pom maker...

but no more than four times a day as it can be addictive.

I'm so glad that I can craft and calcify simultaneously
but there are a couple of down sides...

Toblerone? a Hero? I don't think so!
Be gone, you 'Krafty' intruder...

and my rhyming disorder has flared up again 
so I hope you'll excuse a little verse relief...

My Wish Bone

Oh little bone that works my leg,
I wish you'd help me out of bed.
I want to run and dance and skip,
I'm fed up with a broken hip.
So when your photo shoot is due,
Please smile and say 'I'm good as new!'

Crafty ways make therapeutic days.

EE xx


  1. ooooO! Love the socks....Though if it was me l'd wear
    one of each...I do! I do!
    People say to me..'Willie, you've got odd socks on'.
    'No, l have'nt'. 'Yes, you have' 'No, l have'nt 'Yes.....
    'They can't be odd socks anyway'. 'Why'? 'Why'?
    'Because..I have another pair exactly the same at
    home'. Boom! Boom! :>).

    You do sound like yer old self again....'Cracking' a
    few funnies....And, a little poem of skips and hips!
    You'll be 'gett'in on down' with the rest of us in no
    time......'Keep it funky'. :>).

  2. hello fellow patchworker :)
    gorgeous socks lady - definately the upside of being poorly broken.
    rest and heal
    t x

  3. Ethel, how much this post has touched me. Your poor broken femur is much worse than my wonky post-op knee but I totally identify with the learning new crafts depending on how you are feeling at the time, the terrible dairy milk desire which does sweeten the day somewhat and the 'I'm bored, be better now' feelings.

    I know I've been crafting to take my mind off things and to give me something I can do while my mobility is so limited but I am definitely going to rethink this time to craft as my 'incapacity benefits'.

    Sending you loving, healing wishes and the hope that we will both be learning salsa before long!

  4. Oh I do love your posts & your rhymes E,E, Those socks look pretty darn lovely too :-)
    I think this is a great time for creativity ... your hexies look amazing & I love the vintagey fabrics you are using. But Oh that little hedgehog, it makes me look at pom poms in a whole new light !!!! I hope you mend well dear E.E. this can be a frustrating time, but it will soon pass. Oh & a little bit of choc wont hurt along the way . . .

  5. Love your little rhymes and especially love the Lucie Atwell image. I'm a big fan of hers and you too. Get well soon and keep up the pom, pom making. It's addictive, you know. I've caught it too! Jacqui xx
    P.S. Ethel sends her love and good wishes for a speedy recovery.

  6. Sounds as if you are using your time in a lovely way, crafting and eating chocolate, fab!!

  7. Hope you are feeling better, some one would have to hide the chocolate from me though... I would end up eating it all.....