Friday, 7 March 2014

The Impatient Patcher

She cut the folded cloth

and patched with knotted thread.

She dreamed a giant quilt

but cushion grew instead.

And so she tried again, 

her fingers growing numb.

A cover for her bed...

or a seat for her bum ?

Crafty ways make impatient days. 

EE xx


  1. I am just the same…I have made many a crochet cushion whilst dreaming of a blanket. xxx

  2. He he...Wonderful....Lovely non the less...x

  3. They are can NEVER have too many cushions! :) x

  4. Beautiful hexies E.E. - just love the fabrics you have used - both styles are just gorgeous. Making hexies can be quite therapeutic :-)

  5. Oh I love the hexies and the colours. How comfy your bottom shall be!

  6. Hi Ethel...hope your recovery is going on apace. Your post made me smile. I have exactly the same impatience with patchwork. Love the cushions.... much more manageable!
    Jacqui x

  7. oh how wonderful this quilting is, whether it be bum or bed its still fab xxxx

  8. Love the colours in the second one particularly. To help your patience you can get a temporary glue pen for the paper part. I used one and they are great. You glue the hexies onto the papers and get straight to the sewing part. They are from a website called simply solids or follow the link here. Good luck!! Jo x

  9. I think the cushions look lovely and I'm filled with admiration that you made them, I've never got further than gathering materials....