Sunday, 31 August 2014

Playing havoc...

It seems that old toys are popular at our vintage markets
but they are also becoming harder to find
so I've been doing a bit of 'restoration'.

It looked like a mini pink boudoir at first
but the sanding revealed...

'Tri-ang Stores'
so it has become a labour of love.

I'm a bit low on stock at the moment...
just herb pots wrapped in can labels so far but I have a mini shopping list.

I was looking for a till or perhaps some scales but
I found some cute pots and pans that I couldn't resist.

A little shelf solved my cooking problem,
with coasters for hot plates, a few knobs, hooks and a clock cut from a book.

I'm cooking on gas!
(electricity, actually)

I have no oven (yet) but with a suitcase full of mini baking gear
it's only a matter of time... 

When did cooking become this much fun?

Fancy a chip?

We are planning to downsize next year...
this could be the answer.

I like my mini world.

Crafty ways makes shopping fun.

EE xx


  1. Sooo cute E.E. I love miniatures of everything. This takes me right back to my younger days (quite a few years ago now I might add!!!). I have your tiny whisk & a couple of other bits you have there. You have done a great job on the revamping of the shelf ... it looks fantastic. Vintage toys are becoming very hard to find over here now too.

  2. Hello Ethel,

    Oh what fun you had putting this together. Love the pea's. they look so real.

    Happy days.

  3. As they say..."It's a small world".
    Love the mini boudoir at the top....
    Don't forget...When you've finished
    restoring it...To put some knobs on
    it.....Lovely" :>).

  4. I like your mini world too!! What fun xx

  5. Clocks and pots and stock galore
    Kitchenware - I must see more
    A mini World, wouldn't that be great
    And with pretend food - no added weight! x