Saturday, 21 March 2015

Show me the bunny

I'm sorry I have no eclipse photos, it was too cloudy...
but it's the first day of spring here so can I show you some bunnies instead?

Bunnies ...

in bandanas...

with bob tails.

Best buddies...
but will they breed?

I hope your sap is rising and remember...

Crafty ways make lighter days.

EE xx


  1. Ah! The bunnies look lovely....And, Yes! l think
    they might breed...Well. there's three of them....! :).
    We all know what bunnies are like..At it like....Bunnies! :).
    HeHe! And no wonder Bob's got no tail....ALL the bunnies have
    them all...! :>).

  2. Bandana wearing bunnies
    Are all the rage you know
    Especially viewed from behind
    With bob tails all on show.

    Love the specs wearing troll and the beautiful words paper cut too! x

  3. The bunnies are absolutely wonderful
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. The bunnies are delightful...and so lovely! :)

  5. How disappointing, we just managed to catch a glimpse thorugh the clouds. Love the bunnies, just the thing for Easter!
    Jacqui xx