Monday, 30 March 2015

No chocolate!

I have been making and gathering some seasonal essentials.

Just the usual... lambs, bunnies, chicks ...

but no chocolate as I can't be trusted 

and I don't want to peak too soon.

My troll's Valentine market was cancelled 
so I'm giving them another chance...

with some bunny love for our Easter market.

You can't keep a good troll down.

I'm thinking chocolate cake this year as I've been such a good girl.

Have you peaked too soon?

Crafty ways make smug days.

EE xx


  1. Chocolate eggs are good to eat
    But bunny trolls just can't be beat!

    Your bunny trolls are hilarious and brought a smile to my face! x

  2. Everything is just sooo gorgeous E.E. Love how you have "easter-fied" the trolls. Think i have indulged in too much choccy things already. Have a great Easter.

  3. Love...Love those 'pink' troll dolls......
    Who would have thought that back in 1959...
    These dolls, invented by a Danish guy..Thomas Dam..
    Would take the States by storm, in the early 60's.
    First known as the Dam Dolls....Then various other
    names, the 'Good Luck Troll' before they became Trolls! :).
    Wonder how many there are on the planet...!