Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Computer says 'No'

Bad news...
I've had a catastrophic hard drive failure !

I'm just camping out on my daughter's laptop for now but
I think I've lost all my photos.

Good news...
I've got a new camper van...

and it's spring!

I really miss this place... hope to be back soon.

Crafty ways make disappointing days.

EE xx


  1. So sorry to read about your computer woes E,E, We think we dont need the damned internet until these things sneak up on us ....& boy do we miss it !!!! I love your camper van but that bunny rabbit .... just gorgeous :-)

  2. Oh dear.. fingers crossed a tecko nerd can save them photos... x

  3. ooooO! Yes! Love the camper van....
    Now! Don't go 'Driving' that 'Hard'. :).

    And...Bunny looks good....Spring has sprung!

  4. Oh no! No! No! How horrible. Years ago I lost all my pics when my youngest up ended a vase of flowers all over the laptop. Did I learn? Do I back them up now? Is there always a tomorrow? Am I stooopid?

  5. I love the old Fisher Price toys and can remember my two children playing with a camper van just like the one you have . Hope you find your photos again.....xx