Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Age Awareness

A year ago today I had a big birthday.
I have been trying to ignore 'old age' all year
but it's getting harder...

I was browsing a boot fair last week and I spotted a Hornsea Fauna vase.

As I approached the stall holder she placed her hand over
the vase, shook her head and said  "Sorry love, it's a collectable"

Did I look too old for collecting or just sad and poor?
I often risk buying green bananas!

I was trading at our vintage fair recently, nipped to the loo
and bumped into a 'sweet' lady. She informed me that 
I had made a splendid job of cleaning the toilets.

Did I look too old to be a trader?
Oh how I laughed (I wanted to punch her in the face!)

Now, today I find myself trying on a beige mac,
it was full length and very beige.


I think it's a good time to show you my Hornsea Fauna pincushion collection.

Don't worry, I didn't buy the beige mac...

I bought this one instead.

It's transparent with multi-coloured spots!

Crafty ways make AA days.

EE  (age 61) xx


  1. Oh how I did laugh at your post today E.E. Happy, happy birthday by the way :-) Do not worry about other folks impressions of you ... I have long ago lost count of the number of people that drive in to my little cottage & get out of their cars ... when I greet them they say to me "oh I thought you were the gardener". My Mr tells me its because I look like a homeless person most days. I am so glad you bought the transparent raincoat with multi coloured spots !!!!! Making a statement :-)

  2. Have just re-read your post through & laughed again. Especially at the comment how you wanted to punch that lady in the face. Can sooooo relate to that :-)

  3. HaHa! Yes! I read your post earlier...Just re~read
    it, after a lemon tea of course! :).
    Well...The way l dress and act...Not a day goes by,
    without a comment or two...or three!!!
    Even with a white suit on...People say..
    "Sold any ice~cream to~day". The secret to have
    an answer for them, nice, polite and funny!

    As far as the woman with vase is concerned....Tell her...
    "It's to big to go under the bed anyway".
    The woman in the toilet..Well...just say.."Thankyou, hope
    you have'nt made a mess on the seat". HeHe! Have lots of
    fun out there....I DO!
    Willie...(Age 68).

    Oh! Love the pin~cushion collection by the way...Do they come
    in 'pink'. :).
    Happy Burfday....Again...Glad you liked the e~mail..!

  4. Hi Ethel,your post made me chuckle,you certainly don't sound 61!! Love the hornsea,I have some deer ones for my Deer themed Christmas!!I did whisper the last word.Best Regards Pam

  5. Brilliant! How I love your blog. And your crafty ways.

  6. Belated Birthday wishes. You're young at heart and that is all that matters!!! I love your pin cushion collection! Are you going to wear your 'new' old raincoat? My Nan once made me wear a plastic rain hat whilst strawberry picking and your rain coat with hood reminded me!!! x

  7. 61 years young I say, and a cracking sense of humour! x