Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tom's come home!

The toys were getting restless...

so I made a new plan, Stan.
Just slipped out the back, Jack
and built a new toy, boy.
Please come in and see my new boy...

 and have a cup of tea.

There was a young table called Tom,          
With four legs he was big and strong.
I've been wanting to rent,
Such a fine looking gent,
To trade craft for ever so long.

He's beginning to look rather grand,
To dress him I needed a hand.
He stands three foot high,
With a glint in his eye
And straddles a metre of land.

He's wearing stuff to impress.
'Something More Exciting' made his dress.
So come have a laugh,
At our silly old craft,
Before he gets in a mess!

I hope you enjoyed your visit, please come again soon.

Crafty ways make Tom grow!
EE xx


  1. I'm impressed, Miss Ethel....With the poetry and your quirkiness and that table of treasure! Is this where you spend your hours, I wonder? will pop by again never the twain....~ Leaving you with 'Twinkles' *** Maria x

    1. Thanks, yes, my hours are spent feeding Tom but fortunately I don't have to keep shop. Love your twinkles, EE xx

  2. A very grand stand!'bye for now Pam.

  3. Hello again - I am been very slow visiting everyone of late, very sorry. I see that your stall is thriving - good stuff Ethel. Is trade generally on the up for Spring do you think?
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Jenny, It's early days but we've had a good start. Fingers crossed for Spring should it ever arrive! EE xx

  4. Excellent Frank has moved in his mate Tom... hope they have lots of fans that pop in to say hello.... Cx

    1. Sadly Frank has found a new love with a lighter load...but we're all still friends. Hope to see you on the 30th? EE xx

    2. Yep hope to be there maybe with my folks in tow... Cxx