Sunday, 11 October 2015

Three Wise Monkeys

See no evil 
Hear no evil 
Speak no evil

I have just discovered that there was a fourth monkey called
'Do no evil'
I am not making another!
 He has folded arms ...that was lucky.

I'm no good at production line makes
but I've grown rather fond of this pattern.

It's so versatile...

It's an isosceles trapezium if you were wondering.

I'm going to call them 'Recycled Rascals'
I think I might make some more.

I would be grateful for any suggestions... 
I'm thinking badger.

Crafty ways make isosceles trapezium days.

EE xx


  1. haha they are making me smile!
    A lama or a sheep?
    bestest d xxx

  2. I think the monkeys look fantastic as a group, the more the merrier, they're a winner! x

  3. LoVe your monkeys E.,E. They look like they are made from old blankets. Love them better than the green rascal.

  4. Ah! There lovely....HeHe! Don't know about the green one! :).
    Is it a frog...!

    Oh! Did you know the names of the three monkeys.....
    There...Mizaru....Kikazaru...Iwazaru...! :).

  5. I love your character! You could make an Angular Merkel!!! I still can't rhyme as I don't feel so fine! x