Thursday, 21 August 2014

The clock is ticking...

but... Christmas cards ... already?

I still have tomatoes to ripen...

apples to pick...

courgettes to pollinate...

and I must get to know my onions...

so I'm hanging on to this brilliant summer for a couple more months.

However... I will confess to a little bit of toy gathering
for our autumn markets.

How could I leave that doggy in the window?

The one with the waggily tail.

He followed me home

with Jeremy.

I'm trying not to think too far ahead...
with birthdays that jump to the next decade (yeuk!)
and youngest daughter back to school soon...
but this time she's the 'Teacher'...eeek, how did that happen? 


Crafty ways makes time fly.

EE xx


  1. Lets go backwards then....Tock~~Tick~~Tock~~Tick...
    With plenty of time on our hands...Though, l've seen
    Christmas cards in some charity shops....Saw some this
    Me! Don't bother...I've kept the cards from last year, tippex
    the message...Re~Write one...Then all l need are envelopes!
    HeHe! Believe me..I do..Do it! :).

    Oh! No! Not courgettes...Again!
    Though when their in flower, the flowers are nice battered,
    and deep fried...! Lovely! :>).

    And, Jeremy looks 'wheely' nice....Heads and tails above the rest...!
    Woof! Woof!

  2. Oh your tomatoes & apples look delicious E.E., And I just love onions all strung up like that :-)
    I think I wouldve bought that doggie home from the window too. Crafty ways sure do make time fly ... where on earth did August disappear to !!!!

  3. Oh no! not Christmas already ..... looks like you're very busy, Ethel. Wouldn't have been able to resist, 'that doggie in the window', either!
    Jacqui xx

  4. Harvesting is so much fun
    Before the winter term's begun
    Time marches on
    And so do we
    I love the dog and Jeremy! x