Saturday, 16 August 2014

Dear Granny Square...

Dear Granny Square, 
You are the best,
To eat my scraps 
And clear up mess.

I love the way
You always fit,
In chunky wool
Or double knit.

Oh Granny Square
So cute and neat,
You warm my heart 
And both my feet.

In years to come,
I hope you know,
I dreamed you would
Become a throw.

PS: The cushion was once a tank top from French Connection
back in the day when Granny wasn't so square!

Crafty ways make Granny days

EE xx


  1. Your 'verse'y' post made me smile. Love the colourful 'granny' throw and the French Connection!
    Jacqui xx

  2. Granny squares are so much fun
    Growing quickly one by one
    They are fun to crochet whatever the weather
    But I really hate the sewing together :) x

  3. Ethel, I have a bag of Granny Squares waiting to be turned into something warm and cosy like a blanket - though I probably need to add a few more. Too many things on the go, that's my trouble! Yes, I remember crocheted tank tops - sigh - a life-time away! Lxx

  4. Dear Ethel,I am still a novice at crochet,can one mix thin and thick wool into a square?Kind regards Pam.