Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Seasonal Shenanigans

The wind is blowing quite a gale
And summer's looking rather frail.

There's icy pellets at my door
And strangers lying on the shore.

Did I see autumn rushing through?
Has winter pushed and jumped the queue?

Goodbye summer 2014... you were great.

In other news...

Pat survived market day
so I get to keep her for another month
but her best mate went to a new home.

I told him not to peak too soon
but he wouldn't listen
and now he's gone...

Crafty ways make seasonal days.

EE xx


  1. Gingerbread-troll is such a cutie pie
    so sad for Pat she had to say him goodbye...

  2. I think I still love Pat the best ... just look at those smiley little faces ... makes you want to carry one around in your pocket all day long just to keep you cheerful. Glad Pat stays with you for another month :-)

  3. Not surprised he went to a new home .... poor Pat, to have lost her friend. x

  4. The answer my friend is 'NOT' blow'in in the
    wind...The answer my friend...IS that you split
    two friends 'UP'. That's dreadful...dreadful...!
    Unusual for me, l know! But, l'm lost for words!

    I think 'Ain't No Sunshine' would be a better title!
    ALL together now......Ah!

  5. Hello Ethel Just came across your blog through Jacqui-what a fabulous fun post to read and super photos. I am your latest follower,
    Best wishes Alison

  6. The summer of 2014 was indeed a good one. I am v sad to see its demise.

  7. Gingerbread troll with his fir tree hair
    Has gone to a new home
    And he doesn't care, about poor Pat
    Who had to have a bath
    The biscuit beast, had the last laugh! x

  8. Just popping by again to let you know I have left you a reply to your comment on my last post about the birdfeeder making. Forgot to say .... I would sure LOVE you to pop by on your way past on the Garden Ramble, we could have tea & set the world to rights !!!!