Friday, 3 October 2014

Pat Tested

There was a young troll called Pat,
Who thought she was just plastic tat

But with a heart full of hope
And a bucket of soap,

She now grins like a Cheshire cat.

This moment I'm filling with sorrow
As I know she was only to borrow
But she's now my best mate
And I'm in a right state
As she's going to market tomorrow.

Crafty ways make sad days

EE xx


  1. All l'm gonna say is....
    Make sure she goes to a 'good' home...
    Not some run down, smelly place with a
    So, before you part with her, make sure
    you check the customer's CV. HeHe!
    'Nuff Said'. :>).

  2. Pat has scrubbed up good as new
    Parting will be hard for you
    Who thought that you would have a yearning
    For a face that's alway gurning! (Not sure if I have spelt gurning correctly!) x

  3. Oh I just adore little Pat. I can understand how you would love to keep her E.E. I agree with Willie, make sure she goes to a good home :-) When my sons were younger they used to give their trolls baths just like you have done in photo two :-)

  4. I used to have a Pat, when I was little, bought back lots of lovely memories.
    Jacqui x