Thursday, 30 October 2014

And through it all...

she offers me protection,

a lot of love and affection,

whether I'm right or wrong.

I only intended to make three as a practice run 
but somehow we picked up pace and six were born.

I wonder if these old embroideries once helped ease troubled times?
It seems right that they have become angels.

When they're off duty...

they can unbutton their wings because
every Granny Angel deserves some down time.

She won't forsake me...

I'm loving angels instead.

Crafty ways make Granny Angels
EE xx


  1. Hello E.E. I do love Robbie Williams & listened to him endlessly at one time :-)
    Your angels made from vintage doileys are just gorgeous ... nice to have out all year round & not just on the chrissy tree. Just beautiful . . .

  2. I'm loving angels with a passion
    And granny ones are most in fashion
    Beautifully made, they are sure to fly
    You'll have to make much more to buy! x

  3. Everyone needs a guardian angel!
    Jacqui x