Sunday, 26 October 2014

Can you feel it?

I'm not feeling festive yet, are you?

 I know that Christmas has landed but I'm struggling to feel it...

perhaps once Halloween is over I'll find some magic.

I have been trying to revive a few larger bits for Saturday's market.

A child's garden chair got a quick refresh.

Pat likes to model the makeovers.

I have a waiting list for 2 dolls houses

 but I haven't got very far.

I found Pat a couple of new friends...

( I really enjoyed dressing that so wrong?)

but she prefers Melvin.

 Melvin likes to model too, I think they have a lot in common.

Fingers crossed!

Perhaps a festive troll and a bowl of bells will bring on the jingle?

 I've made a start...

and this might help...

I caught these two jiving in the kitchen...

Back to the real world...

Logs delivered,
Chimney swept clean.
Thermals sorted,
Chilblains foreseen.

Hope you find some jingle.
Thanks for popping in.

Craft ways makes monkey business
EE xx


  1. Hello E,.E. No I havent felt my Jingle yet also ... hope it kicks in soon. I think we have all come to really love little Pat & will be sad if she gets taken to a new home. She seems to really enjoy her modelling jobs with you. I imagine you are very busy getting stock ready for the markets that are coming up prior to christmas. I adore what you have done with the rusty bells, might have to pinch that idea a little.

  2. Not feeling the jingle yet! Love the wooden cotton reel makeover. If anything could bring on the jingle, that could!
    Jacqui xx

  3. Deliver logs and gather nuts
    And gifting fabulous paper cuts!

    I hope the fair jingle jangles with plenty of coinage :) x