Thursday, 11 June 2015

Bear Necessities

Today is the first day of  HOT here in southern England.

Hip, hip...

Two of my besties found new homes last week
and we've been really missing them...

especially this guy... 
(but I know he's being well looked after)

so I advertised for a new flat mate and

he seems to be settling in rather well.

Perhaps I'll make him a proper lady friend soon

and a couple of boy dolls, of course...

or perhaps I'll just enjoy some slow stitching in the sun while it lasts.

Storms are forecast!

Crafty ways make sunny days.

EE xx


  1. Hi E.E. It always seems so odd to see the sun shining in your part of the world as I battle rain storms & carting firewood over here :-) I love the new flat mate. I LOVE what you are sitting stitching in the sun ... in fact, if you lived a little closer, I would come join you.

  2. Love the new flat mate. Its been quite windy here, and quite dull this morning
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. Your bears and dolls are gorgeous-so unique you are very talented! I love stitching in the sun too...what lovely hexies.But those storms have arrived with a vengeance! xx

  4. Yeah! Cool looking bear....!
    Shades and all...HeHe! I have a bag just like
    his...Only 'not' that colour....! :).

    Don't like the sad looking dollies though...Who buys
    them....! Sad people l suppose! :>).

  5. Oh my your new flat mate is a stunner! The slow stitching is looking rather fab too. Xx

  6. I hope the new flat mate
    Settles in with the gals
    And that soon you'll be making them
    A whole set of pals! x