Saturday, 2 January 2016

Looking Forward

Sorry, I've been in the doldrums recently

so I'm trying a new look for the new year

I need a big smile

and bright eyes...

but not too wooden.

Who catches your eye?

I'm looking forward to sewing more quality and less quantity this year
so please join me here occasionally.

I'd love to know what you're looking forward to.

Sending 2016 good wishes...

and a beauty tip...

Worth a try?

Crafty ways can lift your spirits.

EE xx

PS: I'm also looking forward to the year of the Monkey...


  1. Happy New year EE I am smiling a big cheesy grin whenever I see your dolls! i too want to do slower sewing this year...lots more quality and less quantity i sooo agree...
    best d x

  2. Your dolls are really cute! I love what you did with them! Quality and less quantity is a great ideal!

  3. Happy New Year to you too
    I know what you mean about doldrums - I think I have been swimming in those for the last year or so. Here's to 2016 being full of cheer
    Best wishes

  4. Happy New Year! Wishing you lots of good wishes xxx Leah

  5. Happy New Year! Wow! That monkey has a big smile - what mischief will he make? x

  6. Happy New Year E.E. Gosh that last picture/beauty tip did make me laugh so much. Thanks for that - just what I needed today.

  7. Happy New Year, love the dolls.
    I am going to sew more quality and less quantity this year too!

    Julie xxxxxxx

  8. HeHe! Did'nt know whether to say any ting at all...!!! :).
    Adele...??? Certainly tell you summat about that 'meadow
    HeHe! Happy New Year...Bless! And, yes, love the dolly's,
    lovely faces, so bright and cheerful!
    And, year of the Monkey from the 8th of Feb. 2016. And, it
    is the year of the Red Monkey...(Google It).
    Me! I was born the year of..of..of...The Pig....No laughing!
    oink! oink! Adele...???

    1. Don't know what a'meadow lady'is... please explain. I just thought she was a down to earth cockney kid with an amazing voice???

    2. HeHe! A 'Meadow Lady' is one of those big brown,
      black/white things with horns you find in a field.
      That gives milk...! :). Commonly known as a 'cow'.
      Let me just say...From..1st of Jan 2013..until the
      1st of June 2014..18 months...She never released a
      single..never released an album..never toured..never
      appeared anywhere..she made, during that time she
      earned..wait for it..£13 million..! And, stuck her
      two fingers up to her fans...She ran short of money
      in 2015..Decided to release an album and single, and
      con more money out of her followers...! Common as
      muck..Dead from the neck up..and the neck down....!
      Hate the woman...! She will 'never' don my airways..!
      HeHe! Better put my soap box's creaking a
      bit...!!! :).

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thanks for explaining...sorry you feel so strongly, I thought you'd had personal dealings and she'd rolled you in the deep! xx