Friday, 20 September 2013


Do you want to know a secret?

Do you promise not to tell?


Let me whisper in your ear...

Say the words you long to hear...
 I've found somewhere new, oo oo o.

I've known a secret for a week or two.
Nobody knows, just us few...

but first I must check out... 

every inch...

every corner...

from top...

to bottom...

 every nook...

and every cranny...


and out...

just in case...

I missed...

a bit...

Okay, you can look now...

A tardis of treasure,
opposite the library in Bognor Regis.

Now I shout it out in cyber space,
even told my golden garden place...

At last my heart's an open door
and my secret love's no secret any more.

Crafty ways make 'Bye-Gone' days.

Apologies to The Beatles and Doris Day.

EE xx


  1. AND....Apologies to...Billy J Kramer
    and the Dakotas! From 1963..! :).
    Yes! Managed by Brian Epstein and
    George Martin..Most of their hits
    penned by Lennon and McCartney...!
    Best hit a year later...
    Little Children!

    I do like that dolls house...Bit special
    that...! Something about dolls houses!
    Not jig-saws though...Hate them! No!
    Patience see...If l do a jig-saw puzzle,
    l always have a pair of scissors handy..
    HeHe! Just in case they don't fit.....!!
    (Trains and Boats and Planes). :>).

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  3. Nice mirror... Maud is very happy she has some new tyres on her old wheels and is very happy again... hooray!!! Cx

    1. Yay, progress...a happy Maud is good news, indeed! xx

  4. That looks like the kiNd of place I like to get lost in! :) x

  5. Ok, so now i have to find an excuse to go all the bloody way to Bognor.

  6. What a fantastic shop ... thanks for sharing ... wish it wasnt half way round the globe from me !!!!! Love that mirror in your garden too. Do you know, when you do these posts, those songs stay in my head all day long going round & round & round . . . x0x Julie

  7. My kind of place. I am sure Ethel and I could find lots of goodies in there. x

  8. I went to Bognor Regis once, just cos I like the name so much.
    Then I came home, but it was fun!

  9. Definitely looks like my kind of place. Love that mirror by the way. It's fab. My favourite colour too.
    Rosie xx

  10. ooo yes please!! why dont we have shops like that here!! that sewing kit, the dolls house, the love love x