Thursday, 5 September 2013

Who lives in a house like this?

I have been racking my brains to create
 Something More Exciting
for Saturday's market.
So...I got racking...

I thought they would make great personalized gifts for the family.
If you make them after 9.00 pm they can be very personal!
(I made a naughty one but it was 9.30 pm)

Grandad might like AWESOME DUDE.

I have been searching for those toys that dangle.
I had one once but sold him.
Do you remember him on the left?

He was special,
I loved him so much.
I should never have sold him.

 I found this guy the other day...

and the very same afternoon in another place I found this little lady...

and it was love...

I think they found each other.
It was meant to be.
I will not be dangling these in public
but some toys must go to market on Saturday.
I'm always sad when they go.

I wonder if  C*******S fever has started yet?
I will report back with an advanced warning if I see any signs.

So... did you guess?
Who lives in a house like this?

We do!

Babooshka, Baboohska, Babooshka...ya-ya!

Crafty ways make Rushing Days.

EE xx


  1. Hello Ethel ... beautiful babooshka dolls - I adore them :-) thankyou so much for your lovely comment on my last post - I agree wholeheartedly, we should start a doiley appreciation society !!! We would have 2 members anyway - you & I :-) Happy weekend to you dear bloggy friend x0x Julie

    1. I'm making a club badge as we speak, with doily enhancements, of course. xx

  2. Scrabble! Love Scrabble...Always reminds me
    of Steptoe and Son...The one where the old
    man does a crossword for the parish Magazine! :).
    Starts off with them playing Scrabble, and he's
    putting in naughty words...HeHe! Great!!

    The puppets are lovely to! Bit of the Sandie Shaws!
    And...The house...Think we better take a look
    inside...You never know, who might be hiding there!
    Soo, for example...!!! :>).

    1. Sending mutual Steptoe love...but the clues were there especially for you Willie...Babooshka- Kate Bush 1980.

  3. I so LOVE the babushka house I'm thinking of calling in the builders and having my roof removed and replaced with a cotton reel chimney and pincushion tiles.

    Doiley Appreciation Society? Is that for the paper ones, in which case please may I join?

    I don't know where you live but I wish it was nearer cos I would love to have all those things (and you of course) selling at my fair in October, and your paper cutouts are amazing

    1. There will be no doily rules in my society...all welcome. You may like to visit my 10th June post for a small selection. Would love to visit your fair one day, we are just down the road in West Sussex.xx

  4. hope ok, I've just put a link to you in my post

    1. And via that I've found you, thanks Elaine. Your work is soo lovely Ethel, the house and dolls are superb.


    2. LL, glad you made it... I was worried... didn't understand about dizzy circles...that's cyber space for you! xx

  5. Love those wooden puppets, how great to find two in the same day. They were meant to be together for sure! Wonderful house too. xx

    1. Yes, I have just found a secret junk shop...not sure if I can tell you! xx

  6. Babooshka is one of my all time favourite words ever since Miss Bush Ya Ya Ya...

    I hope to catch up with all your new friends on Saturday.. well those ready to go public... Cx

  7. Always look forward to seeing you...hope Maude's up to it. xx

  8. The scrabble tiles are genius and the felted Babooshka dolls are so pretty. Well done you, you talented thing you. xx

  9. lovely cute makes ethel ...and i love your dangly bits too(oops pre 9.30pm) x

  10. hi Ethel,tried and failed to think of a witty comment,my brain is all scrabbled!!I'm in for the doily appreciation society,paper or other I don't mind.TTFN Pam.

  11. Just popping by to say hi!....

    Daisy x

    Ps. I can do poetry too?
    PPS loving your superlatives...x

  12. Wasn't expecting that one, I must admit.
    I love those dancing dolls too. I bring mine back from the German Christmas markets for my kids. Sometimes the simple toys are the best aren't they?

  13. The little dolls are just ace!
    I did try the art of needle felting recently and loved it. Need to invest in the gumf v.soon.
    I am so making a rude scrabble thingy for tonight's 'date night'.
    Always so inspiring my friend xxx