Thursday, 26 September 2013

It's just another day...

but I seem to have developed a rather strange obsession.

 I seem to like searching the kingdom for small receptacles
and then...
I seem to like stuffing them...

I try to cater for everyone.

The Europeans..

The dog lovers...

The ornithologists...

not forgetting Lady Sew 'n Sew...

and today it seems...I was feeling rather cheeky...

so I put the kettle on.

I do hope it's not contagious.

Crafty ways make cheeky days.
EE xx


  1. Well, l think everyone's favourite will be the pink fluffy.....BUM! :>)
    Great! If it was any bigger! I'd have somewhere to park me bike...! HeHe!
    AND...What is it with you ladies....You see summat fluffy.....AND....You
    stick a pin in it..!!! :=).

    The Europeans....A very silly punk band from the early 80's. Lasted a few years,
    then packed up....Thankfully!

    1. You are one step ahead of me... I was thinking Wings...It's just another day. xx

  2. Today Ethel I am going to be an ornithologist....x

  3. I am thinking what I really need is a cup of tea from you tea pot.

  4. Yes, I vote for the bum too. Reminds me of the tradesmens trademark...:-) cuppa tea love?

  5. Love your tea pot and your blog! Suzanne XX

  6. Oh I love them all ... but I think my absolute fav would have to be the swan ... Oh So Beautiful :-)
    And yes . .. like Willie said . . . . I too have a tendency to stick a pin in things !!!!!

  7. Looks like it might be contagious to me. Loved the one for Lady sew 'n sew . Got to go put the kettle on.
    Jacqui x

  8. Oooh I say, your bottom is very cheeky (that sounds wrong, sorry). xx

  9. That is a very cheeky one but very funny too. You are on imaginative lady.
    Rosie xx

  10. Ooh you have a way with you Eco Ethel, Your imagination holds no bounds... LOVE the clogs most of all.....Some thing quite Nostalgic about those..Hugs Maria x

  11. very very lovely! bum fab! dogs my fave! teapot...wrestle you for it! x

  12. Writing I do like your bum seems a step too far somehow. So I'll settle for lusting after your clogs. Which on reflection sounds just as dodgy.

    It's going to be a three way wrestle for that teapot!

  13. My favourite is the swan,so serene! tata for now Pam.