Sunday, 15 September 2013

I can't help myself...

Just a quickie to show off my new sprauncy spaceship
and bring some light into this dreary Sunday afternoon.

Do you like my matching curtains and tablecloth?

Getting wet? Grab a brolly...

I went on Sunday Safari this morning and came home with these...

I never planned to be a toy monger.
I just can't help myself.

What's up?

Is he still up there?

 He's been training with the Red Arrows all day...

He ain't heavy, he can fly!

Wishing you all a smooth take off...

and a safe landing on life's journey.

He's certainly landed on his feet,
I doubt he'll need these...

Crafty ways make sprauncy days.

EE xx


    Stay clear of Motown....!!! :).
    "I can't help myself.....".
    Four Tops...First single to be
    released in the UK in 1965!
    Got to No..23 in the charts.....
    AND...They only ever had one number
    one in this country..'Reach Out
    l'll Be There'. :).

    And..Yeah! love the wooden toys....
    Lovely colours, nice and bright....
    I used to have wooden toys as a boy..
    Used to get covered in splinters! :).
    And, the old lead paint never helped

    HeHe! ~~~~Feeling fluffy to-day~~~~
    Like the new layout to..Lot brighter,
    things stand out and look better....
    12 outta 10! (I can't help myself)! :>)

  2. The toys are totally fab. I love wooden toys. They are so much better then some of the new stuff that's out now. They develope the imagination. I always try to get them for my kids but they're beginning to get too old now. Boh hoh :(

  3. What jollification,brightens up a rainy Monday,I don't like Mondays they spoil Sundays!!Choccs away flying into Tuesday!TTFN Pam.

  4. Hello Ethel
    I love your wooden toy collection you have going on there, I always tried to get our daughter at least one new wooden toys most of her early year birthdays and I can't ever see myself getting rid of them, they are too precious xox Penny

  5. Hello Ethel ... back from my Mums & thought of you every time I came across a doiley :-) I love your toy finds & think they would've definately had to come home with me also. They are just gorgeous x0x

    1. Wow, I'm connected to a doily thought on the other side of the planet, just wish I was as pretty! xx

  6. yes so much rainbow colour my heart is singing! x