Saturday, 19 October 2013

I'm all out of love...

so lost without you.

I'm feeling a bit like this today.

You were so helpful with your fresh eyes
can I just run these up the flag pole
to see how they fly?

If you could pop on your alternative festive thinking cap
that would be helpful.

For the sprout lovers...

For the little kissers...

For the big kissers...

And for those with no eyed deer...

It's always good to have a second opinion.
It's always good to wear a polka dot bow tie as well.

A 'thinking cap' would be handy,
I think I might make one.
I wonder what they look like.

Crafty ways need help sometimes.

EE xx

Check out
for a brilliantly poetic post.


  1. You can't catch me out like that.....
    The title of the song...By...Air Supply..1980.
    Is....'All Out Of Love'. :).

    Well...For what it's worth....
    I think if your gonna make a festive hat...It has
    to have flashing lights...Loads of sparkly things,
    dangley things...Oh! hang on! A festive 'thinking'
    cap....Oh! Well! Hang on! Who thinks at Christmas!
    "Christmas comes but once a year...Make a big hat
    to cover each ear".
    Don't know where this is going....Need a lie down.....!

    Do like the deer though....Keep him out of the rein.....!

  2. Well I love them all but my absolute favourite is the Deer - just beautiful !!! Love it & love the simplicity of it. And that little orn with the spotty bow tie is just gorgeous too :-) Julie

  3. I love them all, especially the misletoe for the 'big kissers'......made me smile. Jacqui x