Thursday, 24 October 2013

You've got a friend...

Tree Fellas update...

May I introduce Chilly Fella, Tree Fella and Santa Fella.

No ladies or babies yet, thought they should play the field first.

That's them playing in the field.

They also like hanging around on Doll's wardrobe.

Dolls were not impressed.
I did promise them some new clothes for their wardrobe but I have been so busy.

We are off to market on Saturday.
I will keep my eyes peeled for any signs of Christmas creep

or panic buying...

I will be grateful for the extra hour in bed on Sunday
as I expect I shall be feeling a bit like this...

but don't worry I'll be fine,
I have packed plenty of smarties.

Crafty ways make busy days. 

EE xx


  1. I think I feel and look like that doll most days. Impressed by the smarties pin cushion.

  2. Ethel sort out the lingerie darling, holes in grey knickers oh no no no.....dx

  3. Funny all the ladies at work looking a bit like this .....ready for half term holl's ...and some rest.
    Love the Christmas softies

  4. Oh your makes are fab!!!!! Love the legs!!! But a little gasp escaped at all those Poli dolls...... You just know I have a soft spot for them...... Yours look like a fun bunch ! X

  5. Yeah! I love the tree fellas to!
    Think there great! Love the legs! Hehe! :0).

    BUT...Pleeeease do summat about those dolly's...
    Thought it was the start of a porno Blog....!
    Reminded me of some of my passed girl friends.
    (Ruff..Dog Ruff).....!

    James Taylor....You've Got a Friend.....1971.

  6. I love these three little fellas, so joyous! and as to the dollies .... I look like the one with the black hair most days x

  7. I just love your fellas! The dolls are lovely too xxx

  8. I love the tree fellas :-) Also I love the way you position your dolls for your photos - makes me laugh at your little set ups. I think today I feel exactly like the doll in your 2nd to last photo !!! Oh & I adore your smarties pincushion. Hope your weekend goes great x0x