Monday, 7 October 2013

Oh, my poor rheumatic back...

Yes, yes, yes, it's my Autumn Almanac.

I had to pick a pinny today
and address the problem of housework.

A splendid crop of pinnies this year.
Mr Moth has been holidaying in my wardrobe all summer with his girl friends.

Mr Moth's big brother.
If your woolies have been hosting moth mayhem then 
I have a nifty suggestion to salvage the devastation once the party is over.

Should I call them CUSHUMPERS or PLUMPERS?

Cosy coats for comfy cushions, craftily created from corrupted cardigans.
(you can tell I live by the 'C')

'Tears on my Pillow' was playing on the radio...

but Aran wanted to hear 'Whiter Shade of Pale'...
(Come on Willie, I need your help here...cushion related songs please)

and one for the boys... keeper of the remotes.

I wanted to make moth brooches from the left overs to complete the circle.
A sort of moth karma.

However, I thought owls were a wiser choice until...

I realised that I had to listen to 'The Birdie Song' all night.

So remember...

a cardigan is not just for Christmas.

Crafty ways make autumn days.

EE xx


  1. These look brilliant, you can't beat a bit of fair isle, on your back or on your sofa! :) x

  2. Love the pillows...Especially the radio one!
    BUT....Must speak to you about pinnies!
    Definitely not those....Very Ena Sharples! :).

    oooO! Having a field day on the music....
    Lets see now!
    'Tears On My Pillow'.....Johnny Nash...75.
    and..Kylie Minogue...90.

    'The Birdie Song'...The Tweets...81.

    'Whiter Shade Of Pale'...Procol Harum...67/72.

    Cushion related songs...?
    One comes to mind...Well...Pillow....!
    'Pillow Talk'...Sylvia....73.

    If any more come to mind, while enjoying my
    cold pheasant....I'll get back to you.....! :>).

    1. I'm Weak! I'm Weak!
      For the first time.....EVER.....I Googled....
      Cushion Songs.....HeHe! :).
      Found one....'Human Pin Cushion'. By Skeleton Key.
      God knows! Don't ask! But you can send it to a friend,
      as a ring tone....Let's face it....Cushions are great for
      sitting on......!!!
      (Can l go now).

    2. You're a star...should have your own blog...go on, an early Christmas present to us all. xx

    3. HeHe! Don't nag.....!!! :0).
      The amount of people who get on to me about
      having a Blog....
      I've got one! I've got one! Well! o.k. it was done
      in 2008, and it's a one off....
      My friends and especially my family in Sicily keep
      on to me about it, and that l should go on to Facebook,
      Twitter, Twatter...etc..etc....
      No! No! No! I'm happy with what l have and following a
      few lovely Blogs, they're great and a lot of fun...I'm happy
      with that....! :>).
      A Star! A Star!
      Jesus Christ...Superstar.....
      Wears a long dress and he wears bra...!!!
      (There's more). :=).

  3. A good pinny (and maybe a head full of curlers), topped of with a headscarf always makes you feel more prepared for tackling the dreaded housework.
    Loving your cute cushion creations!
    M x

  4. Bloody clothes moths. Hate them. But Ethel, you did wonderfully. Those cushions are nothing short of brilliant and the owl brooches are gorgeous (glad you chose owls rather than moths - I'm phobic about them you know). I likes me a good pinny too (not sure why I've suddenly developed a west country accent....). xx

  5. Aah the Ewbank. My great Auntie Thora probably loved hers more than she loved great Uncle Jimmy. After she died I was all for having it stuffed and mounted, but the rest of the family said no.

  6. Ahhh Ethel darling are the bestest...and my favourite of course.....
    But please remember pillow talk costs lives!
    I do hope I am the first to say that one?
    bestest to you and yours as ever
    Daisy j x

  7. Wow !!! Those cushions are amazing - & so are the Owl brooches. You are very clever Ethel :-) And your posts make me laugh with your song choices ... even tho they stay in my head all day long.
    Now if you should want a very good recipe for mothball sachets to put in your winter woollens, I will put one in my next blog post for you ... doesnt have that awful napthalene in it that smells forever :-)

    1. mothball recipe? Yes please but it maybe too late for me, I have that forever smell! xx

  8. I remember the Ewebank. Oh, that ages me ! Love your collection of aprons and the pillows are so beautiful. .Look forward to your blog.
    Jacqui x

  9. ~ hehe...Of course I had to have a look at Willie's comment !!
    Eco Ethel you are a star also in the making....In the making of all those wonderful cushions!! ~ We have cushion envy! and you have inspired me to don me pinny and have a good old clean up......~ Happy days!
    Maria x

  10. Oh clothes moths... yep I have them too brought in on a woolly given to me by a friend about 6 years ago and I've been killing them ever since. I keep my wollens in bags and any second hand woollies go into the freezer first!! I love your pinnies especially the middle one. Cx