Sunday, 13 October 2013

Everyday it's a getting closer...

going faster than a roller coaster.

Between tea breaks I have been...
 making round things.
I like round things.
They always look so complete, never ending or beginning.
These round things have a purpose but I don't want to say.
I don't want to be blamed for accelerating the 'snowball effect' in October.

(fully dressed pine tree spotted in Portsmouth Hilton last Monday!)

I shall just call them Happy Round Things for now.

I have also been making dangley things.
I like dangley things.
They always look cheery and hang loose.
These dangley things have a purpose but I don't want to say.

I shall just call them Happy Dangley Things for now.

I might make some pointy things soon, like these...

These two have been asking me when they can come out to play.
I said "not yet"...

but they kept nagging...

so I had to organise a Yule Meeting to discuss timing.

Fairy nuff?
Is it too early for...
Christmas decorations?
(ooops... pardon me)

I mentioned my 'Kitsch Corner of Sadness' to a bloggy chum recently.
 Would you like to see?
It might raise a smile on a wet Sunday.

It's like a special care unit.
We rest all our sad, unloved orphans here with a few
cheerful souls to lift their spirits.
Once they are strong enough, we try to set them free
on the Table of Hope here...

Release dates:- 26th October, 16th November and
Christmas Spectacular 12/13/14th December 2013

Guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart
and excite your pantaloons.

Get there early, there might be a queue.

Crafty ways do not make snowballs bigger.

EE xx


  1. Round...
    Like a circle in a spiral,
    like a wheel within a wheel,
    never ending or beginning,
    on an ever spinning wheel...
    'Windmills of Your Mind'.
    Noel Harrison....1969. (Still have the single).

    Do you know the difference between a snow man~~~
    and a snow woman~~~~~?
    'Snow Balls'. :).

    Oh! Thankyou for your comment on my Blog.
    I will perhaps think about it...After Christmas....
    I'll see!!!
    Couple years ago l thought about a food/cooking Blog....
    Game....Even thought of a title....'Road Kill~~~Is It Really
    Basically cooking game....With a comical side to it........
    I had a friend sent me a road kill cookery book from the
    States....It's very funny, with funny pictures of there game,
    Raccoon. bear..snake..crocodile..etc...
    So! I'll think on it.....! :>).

    HeHe! Won't say anything about 'dangley bits'.
    Don't wanna be thrown off my first Blog!

  2. I think you are comical all round, not just on one side!...Everyday... Buddy Holly, a hey, a hey hey. xx

  3. You have been busy, love those little pointy hats! :) x

  4. oh love the look of your pointy things!!! ....and as for your kitsch corner of sadness......well you know i just ADORE each and every little thing there(in fact I have twins of several of them...maybe we should get them together?)....thank you for sharing they made me happy! x

  5. Your round things, your happy dangly things & your pointy things are just gorgeous Ethel :-)
    I especially love your christmas trees with their cotton reel bases. I see some chrissy decs are sneaking into the shops over here now also. Soon be November & then it'll be full swing. Your kitsch corner of sadness looks most delightful to me ... I love all your little orphans & they look quite cheerful enjoying each others company. Happy week to you x0x

  6. All things happy, round and kitsch are joyful on this wet and nasty night.

  7. Love the kitsch corner and your round happy things are a great inspiration! Thanks for sharing your brilliant crafty talents xxx

  8. Its' no good, you've let the cat out of the bag but never mind ... somebody had to do it! Love all your preparations
    especially those two little pointy things. The kitsch corner really made me smile. Jacqui x

  9. Just found YOUR blog and you make me laugh Ethel on the other side of the world. Thanks. xxx Bronwen