Sunday, 27 October 2013

Hello Enid

I'm not keen on Halloween,
Nasty, scary stuff.
I lock my door
To blood and gore.
I'm not playing rough.

I'll risk the treat of chocolate,
That trick I can do.
I blank the ghouls
and spooky fools.
I'm not playing BOO!

Don't call me old and grumpy,
When you ring my bell.
I have a cat,
 And a pointy hat.
I might cast a spell!


Would you like to see the out takes? 

She was such a diva...

hours in make up...endless brews...

but  the camera loved her ...

and she knew it.

Available for bookings on the web.

Crafty ways might cast spells.

EE xx


  1. ~ From one witchy woman to another... Just watched Practical Magic again....and i will be dusting me broom stick off for Thursday evening! hehe! ..........Happy witchy week, Eco Ethel!

  2. Never mind the out takes.....Do have her phone
    number....She's lovely....! Bit heavy on make-up!
    Any 'WITCH' way but loose....! :>).

    ooooO! Nina Samone.....1965.
    'I'll put a spell on you'.
    Died ten years ago now...

    1. I'll check with her agent...she's called Enid, which has just prompted me to change the title! xx

    2. That's Witchcraft.....Frank Sinatra...1958...! :-).

  3. I could be her stand-in this morning! haggard hag looking back at me in the mirror

  4. Enid does look a character! Personally i think she may be under the influence of some magic mushrooms by the look of her eyes!! Great out takes... Cx

  5. I hope Willie's not planning on getting too familiar with her! I heard she already has a beau called Ron.

    1. Ron...! Ron!...Who is this Ron!
      I'll take him on..Any place...Any where..
      Any time...! :).
      Broomsticks at twenty paces...!!!!
      Huh! Da...Do...Ron...Ron....! Ron...Ron...!

    2. A silver dating agency?... 'Get Familiar'... then get a broom. xx

    3. No idea really Willie, Somebody told me she was hanging with a chap called er Ron, but now you ask, maybe it was Bill. Swept off her feet by him apparently.

  6. Your witch & her "poses" are gorgeous - I love her !!!! I am a bit of a witch lover myself. I adore her hat - yes can imagine she spent several hours in makeup !!!!

  7. Never mind the camera loving her.... I love Enid too. Happy Halloween. xx

  8. love it! I don't like Halloween at all!