Saturday, 2 November 2013

Oh, it's such a perfect day...

I'm glad I spent it with you.

Just a perfect day, you made me forget myself.
I thought I was someone else, someone good.
( Lou Reed 1942 - 2013 )

Eco Ethel was born a year ago... I have a secret to reveal.
My name is not really Ethel but once I tie my pinny and wiggle my nose
(like Samantha in 'Bewitched') I become her. 

I worked out that a couple of hours a day blogging is
 one sixth of my life so I am one sixth Ethel.

I hope you will forgive the deception as she's much more fun than me.

Now, I must get back on my horse...

and bite the bit.

I must whip up a storm before I'm snowed under... we have another market soon and then a 3 day spectacular,
what was I thinking???

I have tins to clean, boats to row...

wood to glue...

and caravans to renovate.

The girls are happy now...

 they're plotting a wild weekend away.

 I need to...



or snow...

but what ever the weather... buddies.

Thank you for a whole year of support, encouragement and silliness.

Happy first birthday, Ethel...but remember your body is 59 now.

Crafty ways make birthdays.

EE xx


  1. "Happy burfday to yoooo. Happy burfday to yoooo....
    Bread and butter in the gutter...Happy burfday to yoooo"!
    Most recognised song in the English language...
    Followed by...'For He's a Golly Good Fellow'.

    Nice to see ALL the young ladies, smartened up,
    and looking the business! Can't you do summat
    about the one with the hole in the head!
    Though my favourite is the one with the black hair.
    "I used to go out with a girl, with hair all down her
    back..None on her head...Just down her back....! :).

    I see you've left me a song....'The sun will come out
    tomorrow......' etc...
    From the film Annie...1982...!
    Though the song came out first in 1977...Grace Jones,
    even recorded a disco version...!

    Love the rocking horse toooo!
    Sums up my IQ. :>).

    1. The girls are still scruffy, will 'Gok' them soon, and a pink one for you! xx

  2. Appy blog Buffday to you 'EE' really?? thats not your name...oh lawdy whatever next?

    d xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx birfday kisses

  3. Have a happy dappy birthday Ethel ... I do love the silliness ... what fun ... Bee xxx

  4. OH happy birthday Ethel! I loved finding you and now being your friend even if i wasnt there at your birth xxxxxx

    1. I love pink hair and the Tena ladies. xx

  5. Goodness is it one year already EE! Love the rowing chums and Maud has her eye on the Budgie Tin... Cx

  6. Happy, happy 1st birthday tooo yooouuu :-) Eco Ethel aka ? ? ? I do love your posts & your little scenarios with your little folk. I have to mention that I used to absolutely adore Samantha in Bewitched & spent many an hour in front of the mirror trying to figure out how to wiggle my nose like she did & make everything magically change!!! Yes a slow learner me . . . Anyway sending you warmest birthday wishes across the oceans & the miles & heres to another year of your posts x0x

  7. Happy Ist birthday blog to you, Ethel. Great name, even if it isn't yours. Fom one Ethel to another.
    Takes one to know one !! xox

  8. Happy birthday! What a fun blog you have created! I loooooove all your fun toys, wish I could come over and play! Chrissie x

  9. Happy 1st birthday - here's to many, many more xx

  10. Happy Birthday Ethel! I love the fact that there are people around the world who have become my friends through their and my blogs. Long may you enjoy blogging! Jane xx

  11. Happy first birthday Ethel, my very first swap buddy. We really must do that again I really enjoyed it and have all the lovely things that you sent me in fun places around the house.

  12. Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you,happy birthday dear whoooo? happy birthday to you!! Proud to be in your world my dear a year how tempus fugits!! totes adore Pam.x (A kiss for you,I don't do kisses ,I'm always wearing a hula hoop!,

  13. A belated very Happy Birthday to you! (a sad Lou Reed day) Ethel's a fantastic name! it seems most of us on here are incognito so to speak, here's to another good year x

  14. OK, second try ... the computer ate my first comment, argghhh!
    Can I tell you a secret ... do you promise not to tell ... my name's not Jane :O ! Belated Happy Bloggy Burfday ... I hope you celebrated in style!
    M x

  15. I missed your birthday Ethel. I'd say I hope you're still partying but three weeks of living it is maybe too much, even for such a jolly soul as you. May your future bloggy birthdays be abundant m'dear :)