Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Maybe I'm amazed...

by the freedom of cross stitch?

It's free to quack...



respond to wind...

look cute...






and strut.

Maybe I'm amazed by the cross stitcher?

These stitches were sewn by...

( here comes the amazing bit )

...a cockney geezer who wore 'cor blimey' trousers
and lived in a council flat.

Good work, Man Chum.

This is my favourite...

I wish you could see how tiny it is.

but the tea set's tiny as well,

now the peg's huge.

and so is Man Chum.

His crafty ways had me in stitches.

I blame the 'cor blimey' trousers.

EE xx


  1. I am pretty darn amazed too !!!! My favourite is the Home Sampler - its lovely :-) I have that tiny tea set but my flowers are slightly different. It definately IS tiny.

  2. Goodness me, going back now...
    'My Old Man's a Dustman'. Lonnie Donegan! 1960.
    And..Paul MCartney....1977.

    Don't laugh but, l did embroidery as child....I did show
    Miss Daisy one of my pieces in August. It's a two foot
    square embroidery of a Caretino Siciliano...I was nine years
    old when l made it, and it took eight months to complete.
    It sits on the three seater settee in the front room, and has
    sat there for a very long time now! :).

    Love the pheasant....Which reminds me, there are six downstairs,
    to be seen to....HeHe! :>).

  3. Clever Man Chum, some lovely cross stitch there! I especially love the little one beside the tiny tea set and huge peg!
    Marianne x

  4. Hello, my first visit here, the cross stitch is lovely, makes me want to have a go ... I have never done embroidery or cross stitch but there's always a first time. Big chuckle at the tiny tea set versus enormous peg. Well done man chum
    ta ta for now :-)