Monday, 18 November 2013

It started with a kiss...

never thought it would come to this...

My deer family in onesies!

I was going to tell you all about our market last week
and warn you that it's getting busy out there
but... it's far nicer when a happy customer does it all for you...

The festive feeling is beginning to flow

so I am trying to get stuff organised

for our 3 day spectacular next month.

It's a bit wobbly but Christmas is definitely sprouting...

I felt it ...


don't panic...

my deers...

but the goose is getting fat...

Crafty ways make Christmas.

EE xx


  1. loving the deer and the sprouts and all other things christmasy xxxxx

  2. Good luck with it! I've got mine on Sunday and as it's the first I'm trying to get organised and not panic either, Have a good week. Jacqui xx

  3. I love your stall & all your creations. Wish I could come by & be a customer. Love the deer family in their onesies so much :-) Must confess I feel rather like that broken dolly at the moment though !!!

  4. Oh! Deer Oh! Deer! :)
    It Started with a Kiss.....(Does'nt always).
    Hot Chocolate...82/92/98.

    I do love those deer though...The dickie-bows really set
    them off...Great!
    HeHe! And the sprouts....60p a pound...That's very good.
    AND...There's a draw missing......'Bad Stuff'.
    Lovely post...Not heard of the owl and accordion...........
    Owl and the Pussy-cat....! :>).

    Ciao...Ciao....! Nearly seven, still dark....Lemon tea time...!

  5. Too many fabulous things in one post! I love it all! And luckily I'm near-ish to Chi, so I could pop down to the next 'do, make sure you share details! Chrissie x

  6. Love the Deers ...what a great idea.

  7. Dear Eco Ethel
    Sorry that it has been a while since I popped round but how delightful it is all looking here. I will state very clearly here that I LOVE Brussle Sprouts and could easily eat them all day long.....! Oh my....
    Well done with your busy stalls - you are going from strength to strength good for you Eco Ethel.

    Keep busy and wrap up warm with something that you have felted!
    Best wishes

  8. What a fab post - I adore those deer! The Vintage and Very nice fair is fab, isn't it? I'll look out for you next time I attend. XX

  9. ~" Please put a penny in the old man's hat".. Feeling Christmasy are we dear, EE... haha....
    LOVE it all...and BIG fans of Brussels and Deers here.. Hope all goes well for YOU!
    Hugs and twinkles Maria *****

  10. Your stall looks fabulous, hope you sell loads of your lovely goodies. Deers in onesies and happy little sprouts , Christmas has certainly arrived at your house this cold November day ..........I'm not quite getting the Christmas wobbles yet......give me time and a few more Christmas melodies on the old radio, and I may have to resort to the odd glass of sherry.........just to steady those wobbles. x

  11. Awww, so very cute! Your deer family look so snug ... all ready to wait for Santa ;) Wendy x