Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Panic Crafting...

Last night I was panic crafting.

I always worry with a new event...have we done enough/too much?
Will they all laugh at our amateur set up?

Not sure if these velvet twirls will be 'Love Buds' or 'Panic Buttons'...we'll see.

My Granny Angels were also stressing.

They didn't get much attention at our last market
so to raise their spirits I gave them all a 
Magic Wand of Self Belief
and some new granny slippers.

Thank you  Woolly Dog for the reminder (she's looking for a size 6 so please
keep an eye out for her)

We are now all feeling much happier

and ready to face the world with self confidence and warm feet.

Magic Wands for sale...20p
Self Belief...priceless

Crafty ways may cause self doubt.

EE xx

PS: Is it my imagination or
is the slow blogging boat being deserted
for the instagram express?

I'm thinking of starting a 'SOB' club (Save Our Blogs)

Please shout 'Ahoy there' with a link if your passing.



  1. Ahoy there! Still here, some times over there too, but mostly over here.

  2. Ahoy there ! If you start that SOB club, I want to join :-) !

  3. Ahoy! I've noticed it too but am resisting. Please can I join!
    Jacqui x

  4. ahoy me hearties, no IG or FB for me and it's sad so many lovelies have gone away. Glad you are here tho, stay strong and they may come back. x

  5. Ahoy there E.E. still here ... have been having trouble commenting on your posts so am trying again now. Fingers crossed. Yes I will join your SOB club :-)

  6. Yay it worked that time !!!! Fourth time I have tried ... amazing :-)

  7. Ahoy there from your newest follower, I'm a blogger through and through, no instagram for me, Joy x x