Friday, 7 November 2014

It's all go...

and time is marching on...

It's quarter past November already
as Jenny Custard would say.

I've been going like the clappers.
 I wonder if these guys are available?

With a few Christmas markets creeping up I need to practice my displays,
last Saturday was chaos... 

That's me in a come everything else is in focus?

We have been trading as 'Something More Exciting' for long enough,
we should have got the hang of it by now.

I must organise my baubles.

I must select my Head Santa ...




or Grumpy?

I must book the office party...

make more gifts...

and deal with the ladybird infestation.

Don't worry, no healthy ladybirds were harmed,
only the spineless got the chop.

So if you're in good 'elf and look a bit like these two...

please forward your CV.

Crafty ways can make you merry and bright.
EE xx

PS A big thank you to Willie for sending me a very special Trollop!

I wonder if she'll work overtime?


  1. Think that little Trollop will 'work' wonders! :).

    Do like those hanging dolls, they look really nice.
    And, goodness..The Elves and the Shoemaker...
    Got that one.....And...Another 239 Ladybird books!
    My daughters actually...! Wish l'd had a pound the
    number of times l've read those...HeHe! And, still do! :>).

  2. Trollop? Is that what you call them? We used to call them gonks. I remember swapping my Sindy doll (which I found in the sandpit at the local park btw) for a gonk. What a fool was I. I regret that even now! Love the Sgt Pepper pot (is it?). xx

  3. Well you look pretty darn organised to me E. E. I think most definately Happy Santa, not scary or dodgy :-)
    I love the pic of you in "a tizz". Your little trollop sent by Willie is just gorgeous, I am sure she will work overtime for you. Am sitting at the table stitching up christmas stockings & thinking of you x0x

  4. Hello
    I remember those little Ladybird books. Scary Father Christmas looks like he has one of those bottle washers for a beard!
    Have a great weekend.

    Happy days.

  5. You've been very busy. Lots of nostagia there!
    Jacqui x

  6. Hi E.E. Have just discovered your lovely blog through Jumbles & Pompoms. Your post brought back so many memories - I wish I'd kept all my Ladybird books...and I had a Noddy egg cup like the one on your shelf.

    Best wishes from Carol

  7. Happy Santa definitely! Your post made me smile. My mother always knew best-took me decades to realise/admit it. I had a wooden Pelham puppet too-really frustrated that he spent his life with his strings in a knot though. Yours are brilliant and the baubles are beautiful!
    Best wishes Alison xx

  8. Time is marching on
    And all my poems have gone!
    Love to see you being busy
    But don't get in such a tizzy x