Thursday, 24 September 2015

Too soon?

I'm sorry ... I know it's too soon

but with 5 markets booked and a spinning head
I've had to make a start.

I hope you will forgive me.
Look away now if you're festive-phobic.

First up, some early applicants for the soft toy department.

Malcolm Mouse is from Christmas Crafting in No Time (Clare Youngs)
and Monkey just  happened.

I have high hopes for this friendship.

The cot makeover came next

then the Rudolf impersonators turned up.

I was pleased that their Santa suits still fitted.

Just the fairies to sort out...they're waiting in the wings (!)
and I'm on track for our next show.

The 'to do' list just keeps on growing,
but I love it.

If your local please pop in and say hello.
(Vintage and Very Nice Market, Assembly Rooms, Chichester, Saturday 4th Oct)

So... I've started ... have you?

Crafty ways make merry days.

EE xx


  1. Hello E.E. no Im not festive phobic ... today is my eldest sons birthday & whenever that passes I always find christmas is right at my doorstep. I adore your softies & their crib. Best of luck for the markets ... things are so very quiet over here, folk are not buying yet.

  2. Goodness me! Leo Sayer...Year my daughter was
    born...1976. Does'nt time fly when ones reading Blogs! :).

    Love the wooden antelope, even the one in the Christmas
    outfit! I have 14 of them on the window sill in the front room.
    With 9 rhinos along side! All different!

    Christmas...Well it's here shops have had cards
    in for a month now. In town yesterday, l wished a few friends
    Merry Christmas...Like you do!!! HeHe! :>)

  3. Fantastic merry makes
    Especially Malc and monkey
    Your goods bring cheer
    From far and near
    And I think they're rather funky.

    Struggling to make a rhyme today. Monkey makes me laugh with his (her) folded arms and wide smile. I think you should make lots and lots of monkey's. He's even turned Malcolm' head!!! x

  4. Some great makes ... love the festive deer/antelope ... inspired idea!